Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Packed Yet?

Recently, I found myself in a car headed south.  It is not that Pennsylvania was a terrible place to live; it was more of a need to explore.  South Carolina seemed more central and surrounded by new stuff to look at. Looking; one of my favorite pastimes. Being a history buff and having a restless soul keeps me wishing to be on the road; no matter how high gas prices get. (That is a topic for another blog in itself!) Some things are much more important.

Very often, the question of the day turns out to be "where do you want to go?".  I'll admit, some trips are planned but mostly, we (my boyfriend and I) set out in a particular direction and end up; well, where we end up.  Camera in hand and pretty much nothing else except a full tank of very expensive, very precious gasoline, our journey begins.

Tomorrow we leave for the Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge.  When I lived in PA we had the Pocono Mountains (ever been?) Technically, they aren't real mountains; they aren't tall enough or so I heard.  They sure are pretty though.. but I digress.  We have been to the Smokies before... and I love the way the towns are nestled between ranges.  I am hoping to explore new areas and hopefully find interesting things to take pictures of.  I am going to try another route - weird stuff and flowers.  I love that combination, don't you?

See you later, alligators - oh, I shouldn't say that too loud; there really are alligators down here! 

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  1. Hi Karen , thanks for the comment!
    I visited Pennsylvania last spring break with my boyfriend & we loved it! Since we are from the Midwest (Chicago) we loved how in the east coast the distance between state to state was incredible!

    Hope you'll come by again and drop a comment on my blog!