Friday, April 27, 2012

Working on Weekly Specials

Have you ever been to a restaurant where they have daily specials... ? Wing Night Wednesday... Two For Tuesdays? I am thinking about implementing something similar.  Don't worry, I won't take away your showcases or treasuries! If you have any theme ideas or daily special thoughts, feel free to share!

My first step is a new avatar to go with my banner on Etsy and an updated cover photo for my Facebook page.  I have already hired Banner Express to create these complimentary items.  They designed my banner; which I LOVE! Hopefully, it won't be a long wait... the suspense is killing me! They do speedy work so I am not worried.  Are you looking for a change?  Check them out at and keep your eyes peeled for the new daily specials!

Keep Clickin'!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toot Toot goes my own horn!

Clicks is being featured today on this beautiful blog. Post is at 3 pm CST Come check it out... I haven't even seen it yet!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Help me fill my blog space!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When is a Photo No Longer a Photo?

Today's world is so advanced in the technology department especially when compared to when I was a kid!  I remember having my little 110 mm camera, shooting all the photos in just a few minutes. Sometimes I would use that weird 4 x 2 rectangle block of flash bulbs that snapped into the top of the camera. Then I would beg and plead to drop the film off at the corner "drug store".  Waiting, waiting for mom to fill out the envelope and rip off the stubs. Those stubs were like winning lottery tickets.  I would check on them constantly to make sure I still had them.

The week it took to develop the film was agony; pure agony!  Once the stubs were handed over to the clerk, crinkled from being gripped with deadly force, the package was picked up, and the photos... the photos were like gold.  Going through them over and over, I remember thinking that no one else in the whole wide world had photos like these. The anticipation of seeing the photos, back then, was the most thrilling thing to me.

Now, if it doesn't turn out, push a button or sequence of buttons and it is gone; like it never existed.  Sometimes you can just "fix it later". There are programs out there for your computer that can change a picture of an ordinary object into a photograph of the Sistine Chapel in a matter of a few hours (maybe even minutes, depending on how much of a perfectionist you are).

Found this on my tumblr feed... kind of relevant?  Photo by Mat Baker    
Are they still photographs?  They started out that way, but are they?  Some call it "digital art" or "digital painting" which is fine by me, at least the editing is being acknowledged.  People aren't wondering "how" that was done, but wondering "which program" was used. It is the new standard.  It would be strange NOT to edit digitally in some way!

Don't get me wrong... the only reason I am not using an elaborate program as that is because I am broke.  If I had the money, I would be all over it! Instead, I use a little cropping and chopping provided by Microsoft (it came with the computer I have) and call them "original photographs".  No film is involved in my photography.  Just a little digital camera taking digital photographs, altered digitally then sent digitally to my digital marketplaces.  Then, with any luck, you like one or two and send me a little money, digitally.  It is the world we live in!

What do you think? Keeping up with the times or cheating?

To see photo credits and corresponding article for the above baby picture use this link...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Volume 2 of Clicks !

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Gone 5 x 7 Fine Art Original Photograph, other sizes available - $8.00

Who left the life jacket on the dock? Are they gone forever? A lone life jacket sits discarded on the dock in Charleston, SC.

Price is for 5 x 7 photo only (not matted, not framed)

Additional Sizes and Prices (Etsy convo me preference)

8 x 10 not matted 15.00

11 x 14 not mattted 20.00

5 x 7 w/ black matting (matted size 8 x 10) 15.00

8 x 10 w/...

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wide Range of Interests

Occasionally, I am asked about the fact that my photos don't really have a theme.  Some photographers shoot landscapes or black and whites.  I shoot whatever strikes my fancy.  We travel alot around the area so I bring my camera and look for things... just look around seeing what I can see.  For instance, we went to Charleston, SC.  History is a big part of our lives so we stopped to visit Ft. Sumter; where the Civil War started.Charleston is also a very old, very "southern" city.  So between the two contrasting areas (of the same area) we have two contrasting sets of photos.

Eventually, I may one day decide to be passionate about one particular subject or style.  For now, I think I will just enjoy what I do and observe the world through my lens.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

To Shoot or Not to Shoot

Have you ever been ready to take a photograph and wonder how many other people took the exact same photo right before you?  And someone else right before him?  How many photos have you seen of the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon and notice that the pictures are pretty close to the same?  Photo album after photo album, facebook page after facebook page, all with the same vacation shot... This happened to me on our recent trip to Gatlinburg, TN.

Standing atop the park entrance at Clingman's Dome, I took out my digital camera and began to take photos of the beautiful view.  The Smoky Mountains loomed on forever and the pine trees were dark against the bright blue sky. Twelve other people were taking pictures of the same view, the same mountain, the same pine trees.  Ultimately, I am sure, the end results will vary slightly depending on the camera settings, the angle, and all the technical stuff that can come with taking photographs but all in all there is nothing original about twelve photos taken on the same lookout mountain, of the same pines, of the same view.  My photographs were no longer special; nothing unique going on here.  My enthusiasm went out the window (or should I say "over the cliff").  I needed to restore my faith in myself and I needed to do it right away.... but how?

I looked around for "unique".  I looked around for something different.  What would no other person think about photographing? How can I make something special of this over-clicked space?  There were no strange rock formations.  There were no interesting patterns in the gravel or in the woods.  There were no flowers growing in odd places.  I didn't want to photograph the parking lot.  I didn't want to take photos of the out houses, that was for certain.  Where was my stroke of genius?  Where was that creative spark?

It never came.  I left that mountain top underwhelmed but I did realize one thing.  Just looking through the lens and snapping a picture does not compare to seeing the beauty through that same lens.  Some people never get to travel and never get to stand at the top of a mountain.  While my photograph was not unique nor was it award-winning, it was special.  It was my experience after all that matters most.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Packed Yet?

Recently, I found myself in a car headed south.  It is not that Pennsylvania was a terrible place to live; it was more of a need to explore.  South Carolina seemed more central and surrounded by new stuff to look at. Looking; one of my favorite pastimes. Being a history buff and having a restless soul keeps me wishing to be on the road; no matter how high gas prices get. (That is a topic for another blog in itself!) Some things are much more important.

Very often, the question of the day turns out to be "where do you want to go?".  I'll admit, some trips are planned but mostly, we (my boyfriend and I) set out in a particular direction and end up; well, where we end up.  Camera in hand and pretty much nothing else except a full tank of very expensive, very precious gasoline, our journey begins.

Tomorrow we leave for the Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge.  When I lived in PA we had the Pocono Mountains (ever been?) Technically, they aren't real mountains; they aren't tall enough or so I heard.  They sure are pretty though.. but I digress.  We have been to the Smokies before... and I love the way the towns are nestled between ranges.  I am hoping to explore new areas and hopefully find interesting things to take pictures of.  I am going to try another route - weird stuff and flowers.  I love that combination, don't you?

See you later, alligators - oh, I shouldn't say that too loud; there really are alligators down here! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Strange Addiction

Yeah, photography is my gig and yeah, I have two online stores but that is not all I intend to use this blog for. I love photography, I love writing but don't get me wrong, I love many things and plan to incorporate interesting, unusual items as well.  I am a curious person so here's to a very curious blog with links to fun things I find, links to my online stores, updates, special savings and reflections of the odd world we live in! 

Recently, I discovered the weird world of Pinterest.  What is that all about and why am I addicted? I look at pictures, "pin" them on "boards" and obsessively look at what other people "pin" and get ideas for new "boards" on my Pinterest page of "boards".  It is a vicious cycle that has roped me in and now has an honored spot on my tool bar among my other addictions: Facebook, Email, the non-profit I volunteer for, weather... you know the list! 

My Pinterest page is set up to be humorous.  I don't know if it is or if anyone even looks at my boards.  I get repinned and "likes" (who doesn't like to be liked??) so I imagine some people look. After spending hours searching others' boards and Google images for polka dotted items or places I want to go, I think to myself "why do I love this so much?".  Any ideas?  What is it about that darn website that has a ba-zillion people and pins and boards; all following and being followed.  I never thought stalking would ever be a good thing and something that I like... !  Go ahead, visit me on Pinterest and follow me if you must... :) I won't mind, honest!