Friday, April 13, 2012

Wide Range of Interests

Occasionally, I am asked about the fact that my photos don't really have a theme.  Some photographers shoot landscapes or black and whites.  I shoot whatever strikes my fancy.  We travel alot around the area so I bring my camera and look for things... just look around seeing what I can see.  For instance, we went to Charleston, SC.  History is a big part of our lives so we stopped to visit Ft. Sumter; where the Civil War started.Charleston is also a very old, very "southern" city.  So between the two contrasting areas (of the same area) we have two contrasting sets of photos.

Eventually, I may one day decide to be passionate about one particular subject or style.  For now, I think I will just enjoy what I do and observe the world through my lens.


  1. I vote for your style and may get bored with the limitation of one area. Keep up with your interesting perspective!

  2. Thanks! You know, you may be right because I went out twice to shoot just flowers and came back uninspired and photo-less!