Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Often I stumble upon a service or item that I think makes my websites and/or operations of my store just a little easier or a little more snazzy.  One of the items I found is called PicMonkey.  Having an online store, I have discovered that pictures to display stock are extremely important.  I have tried several programs and found that PicMonkey is so easy and FREE that I wanted to share.  Some of the features it offers are resizing, color saturation, text inlays, sharpener and special effects; just to name a few.  Below I have used some of the services on my own photos just to show you what it does.  
This is the original photo from my library called "Charlotte's Skull.
Applied "Dusk" and "Focal Soften".
This image has been altered with "Overlay" and "Text". 
Focus Zoom was used on this image.

These techniques would probably not help me sell my photos but perhaps you could draw more attention to your wares by using this nifty (and best of all - FREE) photo editing program.

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  1. Free is always good!!! Thanks for sharing :)I will have to try this out.