Friday, July 20, 2012

MIA - Mild Insanity Attack

Hey Everyone! I have been away from the blog for awhile and all I can say is it is good to be back! Working with two shops on Etsy, one on Artfire, Zahoomi, Craft Cafe, Craft Star, Storenvy, and Delighted PLUS getting ready for a virtual craft fest finally took it's toll. A few days off and a few hours of computer games set me back on track! We missed the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday features ~ yes, we have features on those days (go to the Weekly Schedule tab) and I apologize for not promoting your lovelies. I can say that I got the new Item Hop up and open (feel free to add yours) and KK's has the Friday game available for your enjoyment.
That'll keep you busy for a little bit while I formulate the next gripping adventure we will go on next!

Click on,

***Don't forget, all items are on sale at Clicks' for the weekend. 25% off and the usual reduced prices on military photos just because I love our military. Being back on schedule feels great!

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