Saturday, August 11, 2012

More about Lilac...

CRAFTFest is fast approaching.  

I would like to introduce you to some fellow stall holders from my team! Here are a few teamies from Team Lilac. 

The first featured artist is Chiara Stone.

Each of her adorable characters have his or her own story to tell.  For instance, meet George the Giraffe! You will just fall in love with George and his quirks! 
George the Giraffe

Age: 8
Likes: Fluffy clouds and long, wavy grass
Dislikes: Angry people, animals that growl

George is a giraffe who likes to spend lots of time by himself. His favourite hobby is to find smallish trees so he can eat the very top leaf on each one. He has some very strange personal habits, including lying on his back with his long neck and all four legs wiggling in the air.

Next, please welcome to my blog, Cat Barker!

It's Gordon the Gorilla!  (I am sensing a theme here... ) Gordon is part of Cat's store Plusheeze's; a place where you can find many adorable hand-sewn friends!  Be careful, though, you may want to adopt all of them!

 Gordan The Gorilla Plushie - With Banana
This cute furry fellow makes an awesome gift, He's beautifully made and so cuddly!
He comes with a bright banana and a whole lot of love!

Finally the dynamic duo of Garreth & Carla Falls have a stall you really should visit.

Here, you will find soaps in all shapes and sizes; and the photos make the scents just leap off the page.  Your imagination and what you know will surely have you lingering in this online shop! In keeping with our theme, here are some lovely sheep soap! (I am pretty certain, however, that they will not smell like sheep)

Irish Sheep Soap

Well, there you have it!  Please take the time to browse the items here and also the stall links on CRAFTFest! Each photo should take you to the stall and then the stall should have links to where you can purchase these lovelies.  Until next time, my friends!

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  1. I love them sheep! Great job Karen!

    And yes, I am a robot. A very intelligent robot.

  2. How cute - sheep soap! haha Love that. :)