Thursday, October 18, 2012

Taking the Frenzy out of Facebook

Lately, I have noticed several posts going around and around on Facebook about the "new way" to see all posts...  Never miss an update!  Well, I am here to tell you that Facebook has had this option since I can remember and I use it everyday!

A good friend of mine is new to Facebook (yeah, I know) and I wanted her to get the most of it without being turned off by the bombardment that can happen.  I wrote her a short tutorial on how to do it. That was when I got to thinking (uh-oh, right?) that some people may also need this tutorial ...  so in a nutshell here it is...  

  • From your personal page go to a business page..
  • Click "like" and a drop down menu will appear.
  •  UNCHECK show in feed (this keeps it off your personal page but don’t worry!  We will be making it visible soon!)
  • Click on add to interest lists.
  • Choose + new list..
  • Click Next when the new window pops up, then name your list whatever. Choose privacy... (I usually make all my business stuff public so peeps can go there if they want)...

That's it! Once it is made, you can find it near the bottom of your personal home on the left. I usually click the little pencil to edit it and add it to favorites, which will put it up near the top... Then do this every new page you like...  adding more and more! 

The reason I do this:
When I like a page, using my personal account, I leave a note that is something like Hello from @kkmaries and CRAFTfest!... by using @kkmaries, it will provide a link to KK’s face book page. Most folks return the like... and if they mean it, and hopefully they do, they do the same for you by sharing, liking etc. & it will increase your exposure on their pages. 

You can view all businesses in each category with one click. I like it for CRAFTfest so I can see who posts what and share, like, fave, etc. by putting all the business I like into the list “CRAFTfest businesses!
Try it sometime and let me know how it goes!

This is what it can look like when you are finished:


  1. Well explained Karen. Thanks v much

    1. Thank you darling dear! I did need it! Thanks!! :)

    2. Thanks so much for explaining this! I've been on Facebook for years (and had a business page since early this year) but hadn't figured this out! I've been studiously liking people from my personal account but was really struggling with how cluttered my news feed was becoming! Problem solved!

      Thanks again

  2. You are my absolute hero! My newsfeed is actually readable now without losing all of the updates.

  3. Thank you so much for explaining this! All tidy and uncluttered now :)