Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Are you a lurker?

(Author:  Lu Smith)

No, I'm not looking for Peeping Toms...

and I'm certainly not looking for dogging sites!  

I mean, do you join sites and teams, read forum and threads, (and read blogs) and think to yourself 
'well that's all very interesting, but I have nothing to add'?

Shock Revelation

I know that a lot of you will find this difficult to believe, but I do a bit of quiet lurking myself.

'Hello, my name is Lu - and I am a lurker"

Let's lurk together

Lets form a band, let's hold hands, and sing a song (oh Ok, maybe not that then) - we could still lurk together though.
Don't worry, I'll stand at the front and do all the talking, all you have to do is smile and nod politely in the crowd.

Have you got a stall on Craftfest?

 I know, I know - I'm always banging on about Craftfest, but I'm just peering out to see how many lurkers there are out there.  There can't be too many, cos most of the stall holders seem to be on the forum supporting each other, offering tips, word of mouthing each others stuff and generally spending far too much time on the internet and not enough time making stuff (oops sorry, I think that's me).

But what about the lurkers?  The ones who are a bit short of time? Or not that confident?  Or just not that keen on t'internet? And who are...wait for it...making stuff to sell?

Lurkers need help promoting their work too

If you're an artist and/or craftsperson (I deliberately didn't say Artist with a capital A, or craftsperson with a capital C - don't want to scare anyone) then you deserve a bit of promoting yourself.

If you do just one thing...

...then click on this link 
and type these words after me 
'Hello, my name is ...(insert your own name here)...and I am a lurker'

click Add Comment.  That's it, you don't need to do anything else, just stand in the crowd, smile and nod (and maybe put up a poster when the time comes). 

If you're an Artist and/or Craftsperson (see caps on that time) and you haven't got a stall yet, you can join the 154 other stall holders who are mostly doing the aforementioned promoting/supporting/advising thing  here (then come back and read this post again).

If none of the above applies to you, but you're feeling nosey, then visit us at the event 1 September till 8 September 2012.

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