Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finally Inspired

For those of you that follow Clicks' goings on, you must have noticed that I have not added new photos for quite some time.  Lately, I have been uninspired and haven't really ventured away from home; until yesterday.

Yesterday, we took a drive to lovely Beaufort, SC; about a 2 1/2 - 3 hour trip south and east.  On the river, there are quite a few antebellum houses and Spanish moss hangs all about the town.  Our first stop was at the marina, nestled on the banks of the Beaufort River.  Of the many photos I took, I chose these to share.

The first is your basic marina shot, but what I found most intriguing about it is the difference in the boats.  Some are boarded and look overused.  Others look cared for and loved.  Some seem to be expensive while others, well, they get the job done I am sure.  

The second photo is just odd to me.  The water here is only a few inches deep; surely the tide is out and the dock seems "over embellished" (probably why I loved it so). 

Further from the shore, we found a National Cemetery; along the likes of Arlington National Cemetery but in contrast, quite small.  Nevertheless, I was compelled to stop and pay respect to our veterans.  This cemetery is very well maintained and tidy.  

Across the street from the National Cemetery, literally across the street, was a cemetery that has seen better days.  The gravestones were "dirty" and the sites needed raking.  The Beaufort Cemetery had a mixture of old and new, young and old as most cemeteries do.  Loved ones left flowers and flags and this one angel caught my eye; serene and covered with dirt.  

While a day trip for you may be quite different than a day trip for me, I can say that inspiration comes in many forms.  Thought provoking grave sites and neglected marinas make me think.  

What inspires you?

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  1. Lovely pics Karen! Bet it was a beautiful area. Must investigate some day!